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Why Use ColonyGEL™ Media?

  • Competitive pricing to help S T R E T C H  your research budget

  • Meets or beats the performance of other methylcellulose-based media

  • New standard for Performance and Value

  • Pre-screened and carefully selected components

  • Optimized formulations for different species available

  • Manufactured in the USA in accordance with the highest standards

  • Knowledgeable Technical support and training


ColonyGEL™ is suitable for Identifying and Enumerating:


  • CFU-GM

  • CFU-G

  • CFU-M


  • BFU-E

  • CFU-E

  • Mouse Pre-B


Various Optimized Formulations Available:

  • Species-specific formulations for Human, Mouse, Rat, NHP and Canine progenitor cells

  • With or without Epo

  • Standard and enhanced cytokine content (human formulation only)

  • Base medium for the addition of your own growth factors for unique applications



The number of colonies derived from murine BM in the ColonyGEL 1202 were the same, if not slightly greater, than those in the [media from a leading competitor]. Both contained the same types of colonies. However, the colonies in the ColonyGEL 1202 were easier to enumerate as they

appeared to be more well defined -


Postdoctoral Scholar, East Carolina University



Plus! ReachBio Offers Human Primary Cells

Peripheral Blood  |  Bone Marrow

Cord Blood  |  Purified Cells


Visit www.reachbio.com  or call Customer Service at 206.420.0300 to learn more .



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